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Edwardstown Employment Precinct

The economic engine room of the City of Marion economy.
Host to over 4,500 jobs, over 1,800 businesses, contributing $1billion into the South Australian economy.

An extensive revitalisation of the area is being undertaken – including: enhanced vibrancy and liveability of the area for local people, plus fostering local commercial activity and business prosperity.

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Our Businesses

There are a mix of new and established businesses successfully operating in the Edwardstown precinct – including manufacturers, service providers, and retailers.



Edwardstown offers a community of similarly minded people to live and work together towards individual and shared success.

It’s a place where people can enjoy a great lifestyle and feel like they truly belong.


Invest in Edwardstown​

The established Edwardstown precinct is experiencing substantial economic growth prospects for the region, with financial benefits and incentives applicable.


News & Events

What’s on in the area: The latest Business and Community news or events.