Why Edwardstown

The Edwardstown Precinct is the economic engine room of the City of Marion economy. A growth precinct for inner Southern Adelaide, the precinct is host to over 4,200 jobs, over 1,200 businesses and provides $1bn into our economy.

Continued investment is seeing Edwardstown evolve into a mixed-use employment precinct with advanced manufacturers, export focussed businesses, creatives and housing diversity to contribute to a vibrant place to live and work.

According to the Australian Industrial Transformation Institute, Edwardstown is one of the most diversified regions in Australia, with an industrial comparative advantage in 41 industries. Much of this advantage derives from Edwardstown’s past role in supporting the automotive manufacturing industry.

The precinct is a significant contributor to the local economy, producing 37% of the state’s regional manufacturing output.

It is envisaged that Edwardstown will become an outstanding place’’ for business, innovators and entrepreneurs to thrive, while simultaneously creating new jobs and attracting new people.

About - Edwardstown Precinct


Located in the City of Marion, Edwardstown is situated in Adelaide’s inner southwest, located just 3 km from the Tonsley Innovation District within 8 km of the CBD.

The suburb is bounded by Cross Road on the north, South Road on the East, Daws Road on the south and Roberts Street and Towers Terrace on the west.

The North-South Corridor links Edwardstown to the Osbourne shipyard, Edinburgh Parks and airport precincts.

The precinct is well serviced by rail, with two train stations providing high-frequency links to the CBD, Tonsley, Flinders Medical Centre, Flinders University and the Southern suburbs.

Edwardstown Precinct

History of Edwardstown

Edwardstown was well know as one of SA’s largest industrial and business hubs. South Road was considered the busiest ‘business road’ in Adelaide.
Edwardstown had grown through increase in population and subdivision. There were still many rural properties, and businesses still lay mainly along South Road.
Edwardstown at this time was largely rural, mainly farms and diaries. Most businesses were located along South Road.
Marion Edwardstown