Fully Promoted now established in Edwardstown

Fully Promoted (previously EmbroidMe) Edwardstown is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all business identity and promotional needs.

Based in Edwardstown, Fully Promoted work with a diverse range of businesses both locally and across Australia. They supply a complete range of services, including embroidery and printing as well as uniforms, team wear, signage, floor mats, promotional items, and giftware. Fully Promoted Edwardstown can also assist businesses with website creation, social media marketing, and advertising platform assistance.

Their skilled staff can assist in creating graphics and can provide unique tailored advice to their clients on the best options available and assist them to achieve a professional look.

“Great presence makes great advertising and increased customer exposure!”

Fully Promoted Edwardstown is available to assist local Edwardstown businesses as they reopen, rebuild, and grow post-COVID-19 closures.

Fully Promoted Edwardstown recently announced their first birthday milestone and have appreciated all the local support from the Edwardstown business community and surrounding suburbs.

To sample their apparel or promotional range, they are located at 974 South Road Edwardstown or visit fullypromoted.com.au/stores/edwardstown