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Economic Profile

The Edwardstown Precinct is the economic engine room of the City of Marion economy. Located in inner Southern Adelaide, the precinct is host to over 4,200 jobs, over 1,200 businesses and provides $1bn into our economy.

The precinct is a significant contributor to the local economy, producing 37% of the state’s regional manufacturing output.

  • Output increase by 22%, equating to $320M


Continued investment is seeing Edwardstown evolve into a successful industrial precinct, economic growth over the last 4-years has seen:

Edwardstown Precinct


Zoning & Property

To find out about zoning of properties in the Edwardstown area please visit link: Plan SA.

Search using this link: commercial property to buy or lease in Edwardstown.

Economic Activation

The City of Marion has commissioned reports to better understand the economic activation of the precinct identifying:

  • Precinct skills
  • Strengths
  • Growth industries
  • Opportunities for an integrated ecosystem for Edwardstown and Tonsley

Below are the reports and recommendations:

Economic Activation of Precincts, City of Marion – Flinders University, Australian Industrial Transformation Institute 

Strategic Recommendations Report – Consul Tonsley, a Flinders University student consulting project 

Edwardstown Precinct

Faces Of Edwardstown

Edwardstown is home to a blend of businesses, including manufacturing, construction, wholesale trade, retail and creatives.