Kytons Bakery part of the SA community for over 80 years

Kytons Bakery has been a part of the South Australian community for over 80 years and has been a part of the City of Marion Council since it moved to its current premises in Edwardstown in 2003.

Kytons has been synonymous with helping the SA community for decades – with its lamington and other fundraising drives. Community lamington drives started back in the 1980s and fundraising drives continue to be an important part of Kytons today. “Each year we help hundreds of community, school, social and sporting groups raise tens of thousands of dollars for their groups” says Sharon Sutton, “you can’t help but feel great about that. Plus in turn everyone who buys from us is helping our local business provide jobs to our employees and spend money back in the community – it’s a win win situation”. Check out Kytons websiteif you have a group that could benefit from a fundraising drive – Easter is the next big fundraising season and details will be available from late January for Easter drives. Kytons hot cross buns have previously been awarded best in the country!

Kytons Bakery is situated right behind Castle Plaza, so the retailers in the shopping centre see a lot of Kytons staff for lunch, a snack or their grocery shopping after work. Many needs for the business are met in the centre too – the post office, stationery or last minute or specialist ingredients.

Darren and Sharon Sutton, owners of Kytons believe very strongly in giving back to the state that has been supporting their business for the last 80 years. They not only sponsor the ring tail possum and the Halloween event at the zoo each year as well as OzHarvest, Kickstart for Kids and Variety, but they also support many local smaller events.

You’ll find Kytons products in most Foodlands and Drakes supermarkets and at their retail outlet in Edwardstown from January 24th when they reopen after their summer shut down.