Multi Slide Industries – contribution to the car industry

Multi Slide Industries, renowned for its contribution to the Australia car industry

Multi Slide Industries is celebrating over 35 years of manufacturing components and products from wire and strip and is one of Australia’s leading wire and strip forming companies with one of the largest ranges of forming machines in the Southern Hemisphere. The success of the company has been largely due to keeping up with changing manufacturing methods and investing in the latest technologies.

Operating two shifts, Multi Slide Industries is renowned for its contributions to the Australian car industry. Making the rear wire seat frames for all Holden Cruze and Commodore models made in Australia. As well as the wire spring torsion bars and exhaust brackets for Mitsubishi and Toyota cars.

They operate Australia’s largest range of automated computer numerical control (CNC) machines used to form wire products with strip forming equipment utilising bending technology. Their machines are capable of forming a wide range of materials while producing a quality high-end product, repeatedly and consistently.

Multi Slide Industries have two factories based in Edwardstown and process over 2000 tonnes of wire each year, manufacturing products for all major industry segments. From automotive to white goods to mining, agriculture and retail, their products are everywhere

Their product range includes roof tile clips and gutter brackets, mining industry safety clips and support rods, wire-based frames for seats and tables for the furniture industry and cheese racks and other wire-based items for the food industry, just to name a few.

They also manufacture vine trainers for the wine industry allowing new shoots from grapevines to attach themselves to the wire, training the vine to grow up the post. These stakes reduce the time of installation by two thirds over the traditional twine used, a significant productivity gain, do not break in high wind, are friendlier on contractor’s backs supporting WH&S, maintain shape and are reusable.

Today Multi Slide Industries is a local South Australian success story operating in a niche manufacturing market at a time when many manufacturers are either no longer operating or going overseas. Most households in Australia are likely to have something in their home that was made at the Multi Slide Industries factory in Edwardstown. Do you?