Edwardstown - Revitalisation of the Employment Precinct

The Revitalisation of the Edwardstown Employment Precinct began in 2018 and forms part of the four-year business plan. Each year a 12-month action plan has been created to revitalise the precinct from an access, amenity and activation point of view. 

Project objectives include:
  • Foster local commercial activity and business prosperity
  • Improve visual amenity of the precinct
  • Present increasing employment opportunities for the area
  • Support economic growth
Highlights of the project include:
  • Launching the Edwardstown precinct brand
  • Developing an Economic Activation Plan and Tonsley and Edwardstown Value Proposition
  • Delivering business upskilling and networking programs
  • Case study enabling businesses to introduce energy efficiencies
  • Supporting industry to embrace circular economy activities
  • Planting over 350 trees to cool the streets and improve the visual amenity of the precinct
  • Recognising businesses for their commitment to Edwardstown, innovation and community spirit
  • Received grant funding for a water sustainability urban design project to mitigate stormwater
  • Held a Defence Industry Day to connect business and highlight opportunities to work with the defence sector
  • Created an entry statement to the precinct in the form of a 40 m wide mural on Raglan Avenue
Marion Edwardstown

Greening of Edwardstown

Council has planted more than 300 street trees in Edwardstown as part of a plan to “green” the suburb.

The project seeks to encourage people to leave the car at home and walk by cooling streets, providing shade and removing pollution, and provide a habitat for wildlife. Information signs explaining the benefits of the tree planting are located across the precinct. Tree inlets have been installed to capture rainfall and irrigate the trees.

The project has cost a total of $290,000 and is funded equality between Council and the State Government Green Neighbourhoods grant.

The work supports the Revitalisation of the Edwardstown Employment precinct to improve the appearance of the area, attract investment, and boost the local economy.

Marion Edwardstown