SEAPA & Garon Plastic’s Oyster Farming Innovation

Garon Plastics is based in a 1,500 square metre property in the Edwardstown industrial area and specialises in custom injection moulding, tool manufacturing, 3D printing and product development.

The innovation specialists manufacture their sister company SEAPA’s innovative oyster baskets and accessories through Garon’s state-of-the-art injection moulding facility. The oyster baskets enable the growth of high-quality half-shell oysters all around the world since 1998.

The basket and specialised clip designs maximise wave movement to gently rock the oysters inside each basket to consistently harden and shape shells promoting strong abductor muscles for longer shelf life.

Together, SEAPA and Garon Plastics employ more than 30 staff at their Edwardstown locations. SEAPA’s Edwardstown based headquarters is where they manage their owned and operated entities in Europe, Japan and North America. They also export to Asia, Europe and North America.

SEAPA and Garon Plastics continue to collaborate through their innovations, developing world-leading products and IP and continue to invest in state-of-the-art equipment. The team at Edwardstown encourage other progressive companies to make contact and see how they can assist to bring ideas to reality utilising their design, tooling manufacturing, and distribution network.

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