VDL Adelaide Spare Parts Store drives recycling

A business in Edwardstown is leading the recycling drive by packaging products using wooden pallets, newspapers, and cardboard discarded from neighbouring companies.

VDL Adelaide Spare Parts Store dismantles wrecked vehicles, salvaging everything from seats, engines, bumpers, electronics, gear sticks, and dials before selling them online.

Owner Paul Vine is also on a mission to convert the remnants of a 1955 Volkswagen Kombi into an electric vehicle. The former accountant who turned his back on the corporate world a year ago said his business combines two of his passions. “Reusing packaging salvaged from local businesses saves us money, reduces our environmental footprint, and the waste disposal costs for businesses that provide it to us,” Mr Vine said. “I’m passionate about creating an environmentally sound operation and have always been a car fanatic. “My aim is to use solar energy to run the workshop, power the forklift, and eventually the Kombi.” Mr Vine moved his business from his home in Glenelg to a workshop in Edwardstown last year.

He recently installed solar panels at the workshop thanks to a $10,000 grant from Marion Council. “We distribute about 200 parts each month, 25 percent of which are sent to Europe for cars like Volkswagen, Audi, and Mercedes,’” Mr. Vine said. “Edwardstown is accessible, and an ideal place to do business.”