Ten22 event venue in Edwardstown

TEN22 truly is a hidden gem in an industrial and trendy neighbourhood with so many surprises to be found inside!

TEN22 Boutique have converted a traditional industrial warehouse into a stylish event space that is perfect for those who want a contemporary alternative to the customary event space.

The restored space has retained a link to its past as a wrought iron manufacturing site, with the original front iron gates still very much admired. The space is both industrial and rustic with styled elements throughout. An Italian vintage chandelier, rustic Argentinian doors and polished concrete floors, together with palette installations, hanging foliage and festoon lighting.

TEN22 is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 2014. Husband and wife duo, Nat and Dave Lands, saw a need in the Adelaide market for an industrial, urban event space that was closely situated to all the best photo spots that Adelaide has to offer! Edwardstown was the perfect location.