Delway Brass – transformations through metal restoration

Delway Brass is a proud South Australian, family-owned business

Established in Edwardstown in 1987 by a husband and wife, today Delway Brass is managed by the founder’s daughter and son-in-law.

Delway Brass first started manufacturing a proprietary range of bathroom fittings and fire screens. While the business started as a brass manufacturer it did not stop there. To ensure all fabrication processes and finishes could be produced in-house and to secure complete control of the finished product the business grew to accommodate a range of departments.

Today the business consists of steel and brass fabrication, a metal polishing shop, a powder coating division and an electroplating plant. With Delway having over 33 years of experience as a manufacturer and metal finisher the focus today is very much on the restoration and finishing of metals.

CEO Lisa Weidenhofer has transformed the business from being solely a manufacturer to the service provider they are today. Utilising the existing capabilities and by changing the focus of the business Lisa has ensured the business’ longevity in the Edwardstown area. Lisa says “The variety of jobs we undertake and the transformations we achieve is very rewarding work. Our staff get great satisfaction out of taking something that looks like it belongs on the scrap heap and making it look new again.”

You can follow Delway on Facebook to keep up with their latest rejuvenation projects or visit their website and be inspired for your next market place find or restoration project.