Treasure Boxes supporting SA families

Treasure Boxes, supporting South Australian families and children in times of crisis

Treasure Boxes is based in Edwardstown and provides essential items to SA families to keep high-risk infants and children safe and warm during times of crisis. The items distributed by Treasure Boxes include cots, car seats, feeding equipment for newborns, clothing, shoes, toys, nappies, and linen – all donated by the South Australian community and retailers.

Donations are received in their warehouse by a team of over 100 dedicated volunteers and are sorted, cleaned, repaired if necessary, and checked against Australian Safety Standards and product recalls.

Their service provides vital essentials to women and children fleeing domestic violence, families experiencing homelessness and severe poverty, and at-risk families who simply don’t have access to items to care for their children. In the longer term – with ongoing community support – families who can survive the short-term will be better placed to make plans for the long-term and build their future self-reliance.

In 2019 Treasure Boxes supported 2,026 newborn babies and children, distributed $2.12M of goods to over 890 disadvantaged South Australian families, and work with over 110 agencies including; SA Health, Departments for Child Protection, and Humans Services, Hutt Street Centre, Catherine House any many other incredible organisations.

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